How to Increase Sex Drive in Women (and Men)

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Hey you, yes you. The one that’s reading this right now. Wait, don’t scurry to find the backspace button. We know that having a low libido might be embarrassing for some, but you’re not the only one that wants to know how to increase sex drive. Many suffer from having a low sex drive at some point in their lives.

We know talking about it might seem taboo, but at Renew Wellness & Aesthetics, we’re here to help.

It is normal for your sexual desire to go through natural peaks and declines, but what do you do if your desire drops for a long period of time? What if you cannot seem to “engage” like you used to, and you find you want to increase your sex drive?

Many factors can contribute to this, and this article will talk about several ways to increase libido and reverse low sex drive in women and men. Plus, it’ll give you an overview of many of the sexual wellness treatments available at Renew.

The PRP Orgasm Shot (for women) or PRP Penis Shot (for men)

So, what is the point of having sex if nobody gets to the peak of their enjoyment in the end? If you’re struggling not only with a low libido but also issues with achieving an orgasm, you might want to look into getting the PRP Orgasmic Shot for women or the PRP Penis Shot for men.

This might not be a solution that you’ve heard of before, but it’s one of the many holistic remedies that people are now turning to when it comes to increasing their libido or treating erectile dysfunction.

Renew Wellness & Aesthetics is an Orgasmic shot and Penis shot provider in Oklahoma City. We walk our patients through the process of this non-invasive procedure and ensure it is the right treatment. Here’s how PRP injections for both shots work.

PRP injections take the platelets from your body and use them to increase your function sexually.

The PRP Orgasmic shot promises to increase arousal. Patients report better orgasms and increased libido after injecting platelets into the vaginal tissue. Also, the procedure is non-surgical, so you can rest assured of no surgery-related problems going forward.

Similarly for men, the PRP shot works by injecting the penis with similar platelets. It assists with erectile dysfunction by repairing the blood vessels and other internal organs in the area. With the PRP shot, a man’s sex drive can thrive as it once did.

Blood is taken from the body and then it is spun in a centrifuge to separate the concentrate of the platelets. The platelets are then injected back into the body where healing needs to happen. This process stimulates the repair of cells around the area where the platelets get injected. Therefore, if the injection happens in areas such as the vaginal or penile tissues, this can lead to rejuvenation in those areas.

While it may sound strange, it’s been used to remedy a number of sexual issues that a person might be struggling with, including low libido, erectile dysfunction or orgasm disorders.

This type of treatment can help immensely when it comes to both clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation and ED in men.

Hormone Replacement Providers

The change to your libido may be due to a hormonal imbalance. For women, your body goes through a variety of changes beginning from when you hit puberty all the way through menopause. Because of these changes, you experience hormone imbalance, vaginal dryness, and loss of interest in sex.

But there’s a remedy for that, and it’s hormone replacement therapy. Studies have shown that hormone replacement therapy helps women rediscover the interest they’d thought they lost in their sexual desires.

How does this work, you might be wondering? HRT helps to reduce hot flashes, improves sleep, and increases vaginal secretions.

We realize that patients have lots of questions about hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Shelley offers consultations to address each patient’s specific questions and also has an extensive article on the topic that answers many commonly asked questions about hormone replacement therapy.

vFit PLUS Therapy

Another option to encourage the growth of your sex drive is through the use of intimate-wellness tools. One example of these multifunctional devices includes Joylux’s vFit and vFit PLUS.

The vFit PLUS is a device that you insert into the vagina and allow to promote the body’s natural healing over several sessions. The vFit PLUS device uses many pieces of technology, including:

  • Powerful red LEDs stimulate a positive response from the body that is natural and safe
  • Sonic vibrations stimulate the intimate areas of the body to promote healing via different vibration modes
  • Thermal energy gently warms the vaginal tissues to encourage the body to allow blood to flow through the region
  • A specially formulated photonic gel can enhance the comfort of the vFit PLUS as well as its stimulating qualities

Both the vFit and the vFit PLUS are available at Renew, with the second one having advanced features. These include additional levels of sonic vibration as well as longer red light therapy sessions.

After three treatments per week for eight weeks, the device should have a noticeable effect on the surrounding tissue. It should improve confidence, increase sensitivity, and exemplify your intimate wellness.

Combatting Vaginal Dryness with ReVive

ReVive is another revolutionary new therapy intended to combat low sex drive in women. It uses radio waves that it broadcasts toward the labia’s skin surface to encourage moisture to form and promote hydration of the skin cells.

These treatments are usually scheduled twice a month and continue for three months. They take around thirty minutes to perform and are non-surgical in nature.

The process involves preparing the area for treatment with a cleansing agent. After this, an ultrasound gel is applied. The ReVive electrodes are then positioned around the affected area and you will feel a warm sensation where the devices are applied against the skin.

After the treatment, the patient can continue with their daily life. They do not need extra rest or time away from their own routine. This makes ReVive perfect for a woman with a strict schedule or rushed lifestyle who cannot take time off.

Its non-surgical nature means this treatment is perfect for those who wish to avoid invasive treatments. Many who were thinking about labiaplasty have instead chosen to opt for ReVive instead. Labiaplasty can sometimes lead to scarring and ongoing pain, so ReVive is a wonderful alternative.

Shockwave Therapy

For sex drive issues, such as a lack of moistness or erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy has had significant success. It can restore the muscles and tissues that lead to a positive sex life. For this reason, it has recently started to have a significant surge in popularity.

Shockwave therapy involves using acoustic waves and targeting them in specific areas. Acoustic waves are small vibrations that can assist with loosening or tightening areas.

Shockwave therapy treatment providers at Renew use a specialized wand to focus these acoustic waves towards parts of the body that need to repair themselves. This encourages the body’s natural healing processes and kickstarts its repair effort.

As the acoustic waves travel through the shockwave therapy device, they maintain their kinetic nature. The wand creates these acoustic waves by forcing compressed air through the shockwave wand. The wave then gets transferred to the transmitter at the end of the wand.

The wand is then placed against the affected area. From the wand, this kinetic energy stimulates the tissue deep in the body and can have a significant effect on the region’s healing potential.

When this method of treatment gets used on a person’s genitalia, it can help encourage blood flow. Also, it can reverse inflammation from chronic issues such as Peyronie’s disease and generally improve comfort levels in the area.

Shockwave therapy is a proven treatment for erectile dysfunction. The therapy enables a man to achieve a full and lasting erection.

Alternatively, shockwave therapy may aid the vagina’s natural methods of lubricating. This will be due to increased stimulation of the area from the acoustic wand.

BTL Emsella for Pelvic Floor Health

For those with incontinence issues, loss of bladder control during sex can be a major worry. Fortunately, there are solutions available such as the FDA-approved, Emsella chair.

This chair, also referred to as the Kegal Throne, works by penetrating the body with electromagnetic technology. This repeatedly stimulates muscles to contract. It’s like doing 11,000 kegels in 28 minutes!

This exercises the muscles and builds up their strength. The result gives the individual greater control over their body’s functions. Patients achieve a more toned and tightened pelvic floor straight away after a single treatment. Emsella tightens vagina walls, minimizes urinary incontinence and enhances sexual satisfaction. Women have also reported increased strength of orgasms.

You sit on the chair fully clothed while the electronic waves work their magic for less than half an hour. Due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure, you can get straight back to your life afterward.

Reduce Your Stress

Finally, we understand that everyone has things that stress them out in life, but one thing you might not realize is that the things that are stressing you out might be why you need to seek a sexual health doctor near you. It’s crucial that even with the things that life throws at you, there’s a way for you to destress.

This could mean taking a relaxing bath at the end of the day or it could mean meditating and clearing your mind of clutter. When you take the time to reduce your stress, you’ll find that you’re able to focus better in other areas of your life, including your sex life and the bedroom.

Talk to Your Health Provider and Learn More About How to Increase Sex Drive

We understand this decrease in sex drive topic isn’t one that you want to talk about with anyone, let alone your doctor, but it can be extremely useful. Dr. Shelley at Renew is here to provide you with advice on your holistic health and well being, and if you didn’t know it by now, your sexual health is a part of your overall health.

Your doctor can help you get to the root of why you have no desire for intimacy. And from there, you can discuss ways to improve this problem, whether that means a change to some of your lifestyle choices or treating an underlying issue.

An Increased Sex Drive is Possible

Now you have a greater knowledge of the options available to increase your sex drive and begin to restore your intimate health. You might consider having PRP injections or the Orgasmic shot. Maybe you are more interested in hormone replacement therapy to help get your body back in check.

You have options and certainly, if you have questions, please feel free to get in contact with us here at Renew Wellness and Aesthetics.

Our dedicated team is on-hand to ensure you have the best experience and make the right sexual health decisions that are best for you. Your well being and joy come first at Renew.