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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women in Oklahoma City

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As we age, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone naturally decline over time. For women, pre-menopause may start as early as in the 30s. In fact, hormone imbalance kicks in long before hot flashes do – by 10 to 15 years!

Listen to your body. Is it saying, “I feel a bit off?” In other words, are you like many women in their 30s, 40s, and beyond who…

    • Lack motivation and feel more tired than usual
    • Gain weight for no reason – especially belly fat!
    • Experience mood swings more frequently
    • Feel anxious and depressed
    • Struggle with brain fog and insomnia
    • Wonder why their sexual desire and libido have tapered off

If these symptoms sound familiar, you are likely a candidate for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy is one of the most effective modalities available to deliver bio-identical hormones.

EvexiPEL hormone pellet therapy is a simple, natural, and effective solution for achieving hormone balance. It is a safe alternative to synthetic hormone treatments. A small incision is made and the pellet is inserted under the skin, typically in the buttocks area.

The pellets allow the hormones to metabolize in the body and will naturally absorb and dissolve into your bloodstream leaving nothing behind.  Unlike pills, patches, and messy creams that require daily monitoring, the in-office EvexiPEL insertion typically takes only a few minutes and requires minimal recovery and downtime—with most patients experiencing superior results over traditional methods of hormone replacement therapy.

On average, patients need three to four pellet injections per year to regain and maintain the hormone levels necessary to feel young, energetic, healthy, and vital again.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Treatment Details

What it Treats

Insomnia and night sweats
Lack of energy
Lack of motivation
Mood swings, anxiety and depression
Loss of libido, difficulty achieving arousal and orgasm
Vaginal dryness
Hot flashes
Inability to focus and remember things
Stubborn weight gain, belly fat, and food cravings
Muscle loss and weakness
Hair loss

Treatment Time

30 minutes or less


21 years or older

Why Try Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women in Oklahoma City?



Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses bioidentical hormones derived from natural sources and compounded to be an exact structural match to the hormones inside the human body. Synthetic hormones are often derived from animals and combined with chemicals to create a hormone therapy that is similar, but not exactly like human hormones. The natural ingredients combined with the molecular match allow bioidentical hormones to fit into human hormone receptors exactly as naturally-occurring hormones. This feature ensures the safety and efficacy of the treatment.



Unfortunately, most traditional medical practices don’t take the time to find out why you don’t feel like yourself anymore. At Renew Wellness and Aesthetics, we get to the root of the problem to uncover why our patients do not feel well. More often than not, hormone imbalance is to blame. From there, we can customize an optimization treatment plan designed specifically for you that may include estrogen and testosterone pellet therapy, progesterone optimization, thyroid optimization, and/or nutritional supplements.


Improvements to health and wellbeing

With the proper dosage, hormone replacement therapy can lead to improvements to sleep, mood, bone strength, muscle mass, and more.

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Dr. Julie Shelley Talks BHRT

Dr. Julie Shelley, Family Medicine Physician and Medical Director at Renew Wellness & Aesthetics, talks about how BHRT can naturally restore hormone imbalances in patients and provide multiple benefits.

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The BHRT for Women Process

What to Expect


Before your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Oklahoma City, you'll meet with Dr. Shelley for a detailed consultation and lab work to get to the root of the problem. We will discuss your concerns, symptoms, goals, and sensitivities.

Personalized Plan

At your second appointment, Dr. Shelley will do a thorough review and explanation of your lab results. Based on your initial consultation and lab results, Dr. Shelley will create a personalized treatment plan for your needs, which may include estrogen and testosterone pellet therapy, progesterone optimization, thyroid optimization, and/or nutritional supplements.


Most female patients begin to "feel better" within 48 to 72 hours after BHRT via pellets, though it may take a week or two for some women to notice a difference. Patients will return to Renew for follow-up labs 5 to 6 weeks following after beginning BHRT with EvexiPEL. On average, pellet implants in women are effective for 4 to 5 months before another insertion is needed.

Pre-Care Instructions:

  • Stop taking any blood-thinning medications, including ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen, one week before the procedure. If your doctor has instructed you to take any such medications daily, you must consult with them before stopping.
  • Avoid sun exposure in the treatment area. 
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Post-Care Instructions:

  • Use all medications as directed for the recommended amount of time.
  • Speak to your provider if you experience any abnormal or prolonged symptoms.
  • Remove your tape or steri-strip over the incision area after 3 days.  If the tape of steri-strip becomes wet, remove it immediately.  You can replace it with a dry band-aid.
  • Do not take tub baths or get into a hot tub or swimming pool for 3 days.  You may shower, but do not scrub the injection site until the incision is well healed (about 7 days).
  • Do not engage in major exercise for the incision area for 4 days following treatment.
  • Return for your follow-up appointment 5 to 6 weeks after pellet therapy for labs to measure your hormone levels.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BHRT via EvexiPEL hormone pellets work?

Pellets are inserted under the skin near the hip or buttocks area during a routine appointment with your provider. After insertion, the pellet releases a steady dose of hormone(s) over 4 to 5 months depending on your activity and stress level–much like your natural hormones. This feature avoids the peaks and valleys commonly associated with other hormone replacement therapy delivery methods. Plus, you do not have to remember to take a pill each day or risk transference like you do with creams or gels.

Do women need testosterone, too?

In addition to estrogen and progesterone, women also need testosterone. Imbalanced testosterone levels in women may compromise mental clarity, libido, muscle tone, and muscle mass. The brain needs testosterone in balance with estrogen - and a healthy gut - to produce serotonin, which supports emotional balance.

Can BHRT help patients lose weight?

BHRT is not a magic bullet for losing weight; however, when hormones are optimized, weight loss efforts typically begin to pay off. What BHRT may do is increase energy, improve quality of sleep, increase muscle mass and fat burning, and decrease cortisol levels (which cause belly fat and type 2 diabetes). So, those stubborn 5 or 10 pounds the has been battling? That's where increased energy and the weight loss benefits of BHRT may shine through.