At Renew Wellness & Aesthetics, our medical approach to well-being includes comprehensive treatment options for your sexual health. Both Dr. Julie Shelley and Jessie Hammock, RN, are experts in sexual wellness and enhancement and believe everyone should experience a healthy sexual life. With over 1 in 20 women complaining of sexual arousal disorder, and another 1 in 20 women reporting orgasms issues, we believe that it is important to provide effective treatment options to improve sexual health.
Renew Wellness & Aesthetics PRP Orgasmic Shot for Women

PRP Orgasmic Shot 

The PRP Orgasmic Shot is a cutting-edge sexual rejuvenation and enhancement procedure for women. It is is a non-surgical solution to natural sexual enhancement clinically proven with thousands of patients worldwide achieving enhanced sexual benefits.

The procedure utilizes growth factors extracted from a sample of your own blood, stimulating new tissue growth within the clitoris and vagina. This process uses PRFM, or Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, a nutrient and growth factor-rich component of your own blood, making it safe and natural.

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

PRP Orgasmic Shot FAQ 

  • A numbing cream is applied to the treatment area while you lay comfortably.
  • Your blood sample is drawn and placed in a special centrifuge to isolate the component of your blood rich in growth factors and nutrients, called Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix
  • Your Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) is carefully drawn into syringes.
  • The PRFM injections are given, taking only a few minutes.

No. You are fully anesthetized prior to the procedure. You may feel some pressure that can be strange, but not necessarily painful. Most patients report a zero to two out of 10 on the pain scale.

The first step to assist with achieving orgasm is to ensure all sex hormones are properly optimized and balanced. Renew Wellness & Aesthetics offers several other procedures, including BTL Emsella, V-Fit, External Vaginal Rejuvenation, and Evexipel Bioidentical Hormone Treatment. Call us to make a consult with one of our medical professionals today! 405-810-5944.

There are many benefits of therapy. Patients have reported some of all of the following:

  • Increased Libido and Sexual Desire
  • Increased Clitoral and Vaginal Sensitivity
  • Stronger, More Intense, and More Frequent Orgasms
  • Decreased Urinary Incontinence
  • Increased Vaginal Lubrication
  • Decreased Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia)
  • Increased Ability to Experience Vaginal Orgasm (G Spot Orgasm)
  • Improved Skin on the Vulva
  • Treatment Option for Lichen Sclerosis
  • BONUS: Tighter Vaginal Opening

For some, results are experienced immediately. Most people will begin to see results within a few weeks with full results enjoyed typically after three full months. Patients will often need repeat treatments for maximum sexual benefit.

You Don't Have to Wait any longer

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