Renew Cover Story Neighbors of Nichols Hills Magazine
Neighbors of Nichols Hills Magazine

Renew Cover Story Neighbors of Nichols Hills Magazine

It was during her recovery from a serious sports injury in middle school that Dr. Julie Shelley found her life’s calling and led her to start Renew Wellness and Aesthetics in the heart of Nichols Hills to bring the help and hope she received to others.

The doctors who cared for her during that recovery process made such an impression that she was inspired to be a physician and help others with their physical ailments. But it was only after her residency and fellowship training that she decided her path.

“I was drawn to the way aesthetic medicine could build peoples’ confidence. I would see people leaving the office so much happier than when they walked in and with a boost of confidence they did not have before their treatment,” says Dr. Shelley. “ I loved my experience practicing Sports Medicine, but something kept drawing me toward aesthetic medicine.”

Her desire was to blend her unique sports background and aesthetic training to create something special to serve an even wider variety of needs.

Neighbors of Nichols Hills Magazine March 2020

Bringing Renewal to Others

Renew Wellness and Aesthetics is the unique medical spa Dr. Shelley wanted to bring to the community she loves. It’s a space where she and her team can treat both the aesthetic concerns as well as the physical and emotional health concerns of her patients.

They provide traditional medical spa services such as a full-menu of injectables, waxing and skincare services for both men and women as well as cutting-edge regenerative treatment options. This includes an extensive list of services that bring solutions for problems ranging from low-libido and related hormone imbalances to incontinence and hair loss.

“Renew brings such a personalized approach to medical care in the Nichols Hills area, “ says Dr. Shelley. “Our team does such a great job of making sure we know each of our patients on a personal level, and I think that allows us to create the best individualized treatment plan for each patient.”

She is proud of the care and excellent treatment Renew is able to bring to the Nichols Hills community and Oklahoma City area — and she attributes much of that success to her talented team.

“My team – which includes nurse injector Jessie Hammock RN, aesthetician and certified medical micropigmentologist Sarah Lowell-Oshman, and Patient Coordinator Taylor Grande – make coming to work a joy every day,” says Dr. Shelley. “My goal was to have a team that truly cared for patients, would always put patients first, and would always have a positive attitude no matter what the scenario. They have truly exceeded my expectations, and I don’t know what I would do without them.”

A Doctor on a Mission

Dr. Shelley is on a mission to improve the lives of her patients through the advancement of regenerative as well as aesthetic medicine.

“There is nothing like making an impact on someone’s life,” says, Dr. Shelley. “As a physician, to truly improve the way someone feels is so rewarding.”

She is a firm believer in self-care and encourages her patients to supplement their aesthetic treatments with healthy habits that improve their emotional and physical health.

“At Renew, we offer nutraceuticals, including Vitamin D supplements, Omega 3/Fish Oil, B Complex Vitamins, Iron supplements, Active Probiotic, DIM, and a sleep supplement with natural ingredients including melatonin, magnolia seed extract, and valerian.”

Sexual wellness is another area in which many of Renew’s patients are seeing real-life results. Dr. Shelley and her team are committed to creating a space for open conversation and comprehensive regenerative treatment options for both men and women. She and her team have undergone extensive training with the Intimate Wellness Institute™, which was co-founded by a renowned urogynecologist, to train and become certified in treatments to improve intimate health in both men and women.

Botox OKC - The Natural Oklahoma Look

The Natural Oklahoma Look

When it comes to aesthetics, the concern she and her team hear most often is, “I don’t want to look unnatural.”

“I like to let all of our patients know that at Renew, we are conservative with our treatment approach and always strive to create the most natural yet beautiful look for our patients,” says Dr. Shelley.

“That is one of the reasons why we trademarked ‘The Natural Oklahoma Look™,’ because each of our providers has the goal of creating the most beautiful version of yourself while still allowing you to look like yourself.”

Whether it’s helping her patients or enjoying the Nichols Hills community with her family — Dr. Shelley is excited to spend her life investing in the people she cares about in the place she loves most.

Written by Corrie McGee



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