Which Is Best: Botox® or Daxxify®?

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Everyone knows about Botox®, but there are other options. There are very similar treatments to Botox® that are much lesser known. Dysport® and Daxxify® are examples of these other options.

How should you choose between them? Renew Wellness & Aesthetics offers Botox®, Dysport®, and Daxxify® near Edmond, OK. We’re here to clear things up.

What are Botox® and Daxxify®?

Botox® and Daxxify® are both neuromodulators. They are injectable solutions that relax targeted facial muscles. There are many neuromodulators, such as dopamine and serotonin, which are naturally occurring in the body.

We use these treatments to relax facial muscles in order to alleviate wrinkles caused by those muscles. They are also commonly used for TMJ patients to relieve jaw tension and pain; this is called masseter injections.

Why is Botox® more popular than Daxxify®?

Botox® is an incredible treatment. The results are beloved by millions. Its efficacy has been proven time and time again over its decades of use, and it has become a staple in medical spas far and wide. As the first on the market, it is much more established in consumers’ minds.

Additionally, the Botox® manufacturer has advertised their treatment more than others have. Daxxify®, on the other hand, was just granted FDA-approval in 2022, meaning it’s a relatively new option that’s still gaining traction . We’ve seen success with both, so we offer both!

Is Botox® or Daxxify® better?

Like every medication, different formulations work better for different people. It is a completely personal choice whether you choose Botox® or Daxxify® near Edmond. We have many patients who try both to decide which results they prefer.

Daxxify® has been shown to show results sooner and last longer than Botox®, so some patients do prefer it. At the same time, we also have patients who stick to the Botox® results they love.

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The experienced staff at Renew Wellness & Aesthetics is very familiar with the results of both Botox® and Daxxify® near Edmond. Together, we can discuss your cosmetic goals and decide which is best for you.

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If you’re not sure that a neuromodulator is what you’re looking for, we have many other treatments available. If your concerns are more related to volume and fullness, dermal fillers might be a better fit. 

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