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photo of woman receiving opus plasma for sun damage treatment OKC

We all forget to wear sunscreen on occasion! In a perfect world, we’d remember to lather ourselves in SPF every time we went out into the sun—but it isn’t a perfect world, and lots of us show signs of sun damage. Sun damage can manifest itself through wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other visuals that we often associate with aging.

At Renew Wellness and Aesthetics, we offer sun damage treatment in OKC because many people are dealing with the sun’s negative effects. We want to be the ones who provide a solution. Renew Wellness offers multiple treatments to heal aged skin and combat sun damage.

Chemical Peels

Dry skin is unhealthy skin! The drier your skin is, the more unpleasant its texture will be. Sun damage can result in dry skin with an unpleasant texture, leaving your face flaky and irritated. One of the ways that we can treat dry skin is through a chemical peel. This chemical peel exfoliates your face, erasing dead skin cells and leaving you looking refreshed. 

Woman receives chemical peel for sun damage treatment OKC

A chemical peel is less aggressive than a physical peel. But although it’s a more forgiving process, it still works to stimulate new cell growth and foster the development of healthier skin.

If you are looking for a lighter chemical peel without true peeling, our experts at Renew Wellness & Aesthetics recommend the ZO Stimulator Peel. If you are looking for a deeper peel to help erase dark spots, treat aggressive acne, or lessen fine lines and wrinkles, the Perfect Derma Peel might be right for you!

ZO® Custom Facials

Sometimes it’s not enough to just have healthy skin. Sometimes you want your skin to impress! One of the ways we can enhance your skin is through its shine, and ZO® Custom Facials can give your skin a noticeable glow. But the work doesn’t end in the clinic.

Once you go home, you can continue to develop healthy skin. ZO® Accelerated Serums and medical grade skincare products are at-home supplements that can aid the skin’s healing process following a facial. Committing to healthier-looking skin is a choice that requires occasional upkeep for the best possible results, and ZO® offers you a chance to keep your skin healthy beyond the clinic’s walls.

Opus Plasma Treatment

For a different sort of facial, we may recommend the Opus Plasma treatment. Opus is a skin resurfacing treatment that treats many symptoms of sun damage. It works by combining radiofrequency (RF) and plasma technology to stimulate collagen growth. Collagen growth is an important part of building strong skin! 

The procedure is very quick: only around 15 minutes! And though the idea of a laser might be intimidating, you don’t have to worry! We offer topical numbing to minimize discomfort and an inhalant anesthesia called Pro-Nox that lowers stress and decreases physical discomfort. While the treatment can be slightly irritating for some, many simply report feeling a warm sensation in the treatment area.

Learn About Your Skin Treatment Options

Sun exposure can cause legitimate setbacks in your skincare journey, but setbacks aren’t permanent.  Sun damage treatment in OKC can help you deal with wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dry skin. 

A woman prepares a chemical peel for a sun damage treatment OKC

We have our very own virtual consultation tool, so you can learn what treatments might be the most effective in addressing your aesthetic concerns. We absolutely love educating clients about best skincare practices, so let us know how we can help.

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