The Truth About Lip Filler in Oklahoma City

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Patient receiving lip filler in Oklahoma City

Lip filler has become one of the most sought-after treatments to enhance your appearance. As the popularity of this treatment continues to grow, a number of lip filler myths and rumors are circulating on social media. 

So how can you spot the difference between fact and fiction? We are here to set the record straight. 

Renew Wellness & Aesthetics is the premier medpsa in Oklahoma City and home of The Natural Oklahoma Look™. As a leader in aesthetics, our experienced injectors offer subtle, natural, and beautiful results with lip filler in Oklahoma City. 

Lip Filler Myths

Let’s dive into some of the most common myths patients have about lip fillers!

Myth #1: Lip Filler Gives You Duck Lips

While you’ve probably seen celebrities with huge, oversized “duck” lips from filler, this is not normal for lip filler! Duck lips can happen if you use way more filler than necessary, or if you are in the hands of an untrained injector. 

At Renew Wellness & Aesthetics, our skilled injectors use the smallest amount of filler to achieve your desired look. We believe that the best filler should be undetectable. So get ready for natural results you’re sure to love!

Myth #2: Lip Injections Hurt

Some patients are hesitant to try filler because they are worried about pain from the injection. When you come to Renew Wellness & Aesthetics, you don’t have to worry about discomfort during your treatment. 

We do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable in our clinic. While some patients tolerate lip fillers just fine, we know that everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. If you’re worried about pain, don’t let that hold you back! We offer several options for pain control including a dental block, topical anesthetic, and an inhaled anesthetic called ProNox to minimize discomfort. 

Myth #3: Lip Injections are Only for Young People

Some people see celebrities in their 20s and 30s with lip filler and assume that only young people can benefit from this treatment. This is not true at all! In fact, we see some of the greatest benefits with our patients who have experienced more birthdays. 

As we age, our lips tend to thin out and lose volume. Our trained injectors use lip filler to restore lost volume and define the lips to create a younger and more balanced appearance. Regardless of your age, lip fillers can offer amazing results. 

Myth #4: Fillers are Only for Your Lips

Fillers are not only for the lips! We use dermal fillers in Oklahoma City to treat a wide range of skin concerns. From smoothing out smile lines to rejuvenating the backs of your hands, filler is a great option. 

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