High-Tech Skin Treatment: Laser Resurfacing in OKC

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Photo of a nurse placing an opus plasma tool on womans face for laser resurfacing in OKC

Most of us will get wrinkly at some point in our lives. It’s only natural! As we get older, the sun will slowly begin to have pronounced effects on the way we look. Yes, the sun provides us light and warmth, but it also damages our skin over time. And although our skin produces natural oils to keep us looking fresh and young, the amount of oil decreases as we age.

Sometimes it seems like the world itself is against us looking our best. But Renew Wellness & Aesthetics isn’t going to take that lying down! We offer lots of different skin treatment options, and with revolutionary laser resurfacing treatments in OKC, you can regain control of your appearance.

Opus Plasma Treatments

We’re so excited to offer what we think is the magnum opus of skincare treatments; it’s in the name, after all! Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing is a brand-new option for keeping your skin’s appearance healthy and taut. Opus uses plasma and radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production in the skin. Collagen is what helps our skin grow stronger and healthier!

Opus Plasma works on many different parts of our skin, even some of the more vulnerable areas of our body, like around the eyes! If you’re worried about your skin’s texture, or if you’re looking to rid yourself of those obnoxious stretch marks, then Opus Plasma can help with that too.

Skin Care Conveniently 

Aside from the versatility, Opus Plasma is also extremely convenient. Just because it has many different potential uses doesn’t mean that it’s an overly complicated procedure. Some facial treatments can seem invasive, and they may last hours. But the Opus procedure is absurdly fast—the treatment itself lasts less than 20 minutes. That’s shorter than the average lunch break! 

A nurses uses the Opus plasma tool for laser resurfacing in OKC

The procedure is also relatively comfortable. We offer topical numbing cream prior to treatment and Pro-Nox, which is an inhalant designed to lessen stress and pain. Once you’re feeling the effects of Pro-Nox, we can begin. Patients commonly report a warming sensation during this treatment, but you should experience minimal discomfort. 

See the Results

Once the Opus Plasma treatment is complete, you’re pretty much done! Following the procedure, we’ll sit down with you and have a conversation about your next steps and aftercare. 

Once you get home, you don’t have to check the mirror immediately. Odds are, you’ll notice results appear after around 5 days, though that may vary slightly. These results may only continue to improve, and they should plateau after a few months. We typically recommend a series of three treatments each spaced 3 weeks apart for best results. We also recommend maintenance appointments for the best possible results, though you should only need to schedule maintenance once a year. 

Meet Us for Your Own Laser Treatment

Laser resurfacing in OKC could be your best option for healthier skin. It can be alarmingly easy to forget a healthy skincare regimen, but a medical grade in combination with treatments such as Opus Plasma can help repair damaged skin and bring about your best glow.

Our team is available to answer your aesthetic questions, or you can use our virtual consultation tool to see which of our treatments can work best for your features.

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