Lip Injections – Top 12 Things to Know

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With almost 3.5 million filler procedures performed in the US in 2020, dermal filler treatment is becoming very common. One of the most popular kinds of filler treatment is lip injections. More and more people are being drawn to it.

Before you do anything to your body, however, you should do your research and make sure it’s the right choice for you. This includes researching the best places near me for lip injections. This is true even with something as minor as lip injections, in comparison to larger-scale plastic surgeries. You can always schedule a free consultation at Renew Wellness & Aesthetics in Oklahoma City to discuss your aesthetic goals and determine what might be best for you.

Here are a few things you need to know before making a decision about lip injections.

1. Lip Injections Can Last Anywhere Between Six Months to a Year

There are a few factors that determine how long your lip injections will last. It can depend on what kind of filler you get, if you follow instructions about what not to do after lip injections, and other things — but mostly, it depends on your metabolic rate!

Many different people could get the same kind of filler and move their lips the same amount, and there would be variation in how long it lasted.

In general, you can expect lip filler to last between six months and a year, though you may find yourself slightly outside of this window in either direction.

2. Your Real Lips Don’t Feel Different

Many people have questions about lip injections before and after treatment that goes beyond just appearance.

They wonder if their lips will feel the same, and if someone kissing them will be able to tell they’ve had lip injections.

If you did your research and found a trusted clinic, and the job was well done, then lip filler should feel no different than real lips. Finding a reputable provider is the key to ensuring your lips feel no different.

3. The Pain Isn’t Bad After Lip Injections

Many first-hand accounts of lip filler state that the pain isn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be. Most people are surprised at just how quick and easy the process is!

If you’re concerned about getting lip injections because you don’t have a high pain tolerance, you’ll likely surprise yourself. At Renew Wellness & Aesthetics, our providers offer many different options for numbing the lips prior to treatment so that the filler treatment itself is comfortable.

4. But We Can Reduce Any Potential Pain

If you’re still very worried about pain, you can ask about a topical anesthetic cream or even an injectable anesthetic (also known as a dental block). We also offer ProNox, which is a patient-controlled nitrous oxide inhaled anesthetic that minimizes anxiety and discomfort.

Although the procedure itself is relatively easy, at Renew, we do offer our patients an anesthetic so that they can feel more comfortable knowing the area is already numb when going in.

5. You’ll See Results from Lip Injections Right Away

There are certain cosmetic procedures where you may not see any results for quite some time — or at least, may not know what the final appearance is going to be.

This isn’t the case with lip injections! You’ll see plumper lips right away, although you will have some swelling and bruising immediately after the treatment. It will take a few weeks for everything to settle, and the swelling will significantly decrease after about 2-3 days. Still, from the moment you leave our clinic, you should have an idea of what your new lips will look like once the filler settles.

This can be handy for those who might be anxious about what they will end up looking like, alleviating any worries before even leaving the room.

6. Swelling Takes Around Three Days to Go Down

Obviously, there are still things to consider about the appearance of your lips immediately after the procedure. There can be some bruising and swelling, which is only natural after having filler put in.

This swelling only tends to last about three days, so don’t worry that you’re going to be stuck with it for a long time. It’s extremely temporary in comparison to how long the results last. The full integration of lip filler will take place over about two weeks, and it is normal to experience a few lumps or bumps in the first few days before the filler settles in.

7. Natural-looking Lips Are Absolutely Possible!

One thing that puts many people off about lip fillers is that they’re worried things will go too far when they’re in the chair.

Many people don’t want large, obviously fake lips. They want lips that are full and plump but still look like their own lips.

One of the great things about lip filler is that many different results are possible, depending on your aesthetic goals. At Renew, we do a consultation to discuss your goals to determine the right amount and type of filler to be used. We have no problem accommodating our patients and want you to be completely happy with the end result. Natural-looking results are absolutely possible with lip fillers. In fact, Renew is home of The Natural Oklahoma Look, and we aim to help our patients find the best treatments to enhance their natural beauty.

8. Work with a Trained Professional

Some people are afraid of getting lip injections in case the person does a bad job, or it ends up botched. They read horror stories about facial cosmetic procedures and get scared it will happen to them.

The truth is, if you visit a reputable clinic with a trained professional, the chances of a botched job are utterly minimal. At Renew, we talk through any and all of your concerns so that you are comfortable and leave with a job well done. Read more about all of our Injectables for both men and women offered at Renew in advance of a free consultation.

9. Injections Can Trigger Cold Sores for Some

There’s a common myth that lip injections can cause cold sores.

It is true that if you already have the virus, an outbreak can be triggered by the injection of lip filler. This is why it’s best to take preventative medication for the cold sores before coming in. Your experienced provider at Renew will take a thorough history and can prescribe an antiviral medication at your appointment to prevent cold sores from occurring after your filler.

Having the virus doesn’t, by any means, mean you can’t get lip injections — only that you should take preventative action, with the help of your provider, before receiving lip filler.

10. Lip Filler is Temporary

If you love the look of your lip injections, you’ll end up having to get more. Some people love that lip fillers dissolve after a period of time and your normal lips return because they’re a low commitment. Others hate the upkeep!

How often you’ll have to get filler will depend on when the filler disappears (though you can always space our appointments out even more too). It is something to be prepared for and budget for if you really love the look of your enhanced lips and decide you can’t live without them.

11. It Won’t Impact Your Work

Many people wonder if they’ll have to take a few days off work to get lip injections.

The answer is no, you shouldn’t have to. Unless your job is high-intensity and involves a lot of exercise (in which case, yes, you may need a day off), you should be fine. You may incur some swelling with lip injections, but it shouldn’t impact your ability to do a fairly sedentary job.

For full advice, ask any of our expert injectors at Renew and describe your job to them.

12. Don’t Cheap Out – Find a Reputable Lip Injector

The cost of lip injections can be high, or it can be as low as a couple of hundred dollars. If it’s the latter, however, be wary.

Low-quality clinics often offer filler that’s cheaper than the usual price to draw you in when they do not do a good job. They may even be using some unprofessional practices that you don’t want to go anywhere near! We wrote about many patients coming to see us for corrective work needed after being injected with the Hyaluron Pen. Please use caution and understand the downsides if you let price control your decision.

When it comes to the cost of your lip injections, try to focus on the clinic more than the total. Good doesn’t always come cheap, and you should be wary of too good to be true pricing.

Learn more about lip filler pricing in Oklahoma by visiting our Injectables FAQs.

Lip Injections Are Great if You Do Your Research

If you do your research and go in prepared, lip injections can be great. Make sure to follow any aftercare instructions and keep an open line of communication with your clinician.

You’ll love your new, natural-looking lips.If you’re looking for great lip injections, OKC has the answer at Renew Wellness & Aesthetics in Oklahoma. Schedule a free consultation today and find the best lip fillers in OKC.