From Microblading, Powder, and Ombre options to a combination, reduce your time spent filling in your brows with a customized permanent makeup brow solution. Get the brows you’ve always wanted with the latest trends in permanent eyebrow makeup.

Powder, Ombre, Machine-Style Brow

Powder, or Ombre, eyebrow design has a subtle fade from darker to lighter and is ideal for people who have hair, but need to fill their brows with makeup. This option is recommended for individuals with oily or mature skin as well as those looking for a softer makeup look. Get a combination of both powder and ombre with a customized machine-style brow.


Microblading includes hand-drawn hair strokes which give the impression of a natural brow. This is recommended for people looking to fill in gaps where hair has been lost as well as helping fair-skinned clients achieve a natural look.
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