Pregnancy Approved Treatments and Products

Renew Wellness & Aesthetics

Just wanted to share some of our favorite pregnancy-safe products and treatments we offer at Renew. Our sweet Patient Services Coordinator, is expecting her first baby soon, and it seems like so many other friends and family of the staff here are expecting little ones as well. What better time to write a little something to focus on them? Treatments and safe skincare products can seem like such a wash during pregnancy. I mean — if you can’t get Botox, what on Earth is there to be excited about!? The great news is here at Renew, that’s totally not the case! We offer several pregnancy-safe facials, and we also carry many products that are mama and baby approved! So, let’s dive in and chat about some of our favorites…

The “Mask of Pregnancy” (aka Melasma) can be a frustrating side effect of the hormonal changes your body goes through during pregnancy. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s essentially a darkening of areas of skin on the face, usually around the upper lip and eyes, hence a “mask.” These areas can be as subtle as a freckling of color or as deep in pigment coloration as “café au lait.” Some women also report experiencing melasma while using different forms of hormonal contraceptives. The good news is, hormone related melasma USUALLY resolves after pregnancy or cessation of birth control use, but it can take more time than most women are willing to wait. The better news? At Renew, we have a pregnancy-safe treatment for melasma. We carry a product that helps not only speed up the process of fading these areas but also to help prevent its development altogether. Lytera 2.0 from Skin Medica is one of the most effective and innovative pigment lightening skincare products on the market.

When we’re treating discoloration of the skin, we want to focus on two things: preventing new pigment as well as treating existing pigment. Lytera 2.0 contains several key ingredients to help do these things: Phenylethyl Resorcinol, Niacinamide and Tetrapeptide-30. Phenylethyl Resorcinol helps to support melanin (pigment) balance and correct the appearance of existing discoloration. Niacinamide and Tetrapeptide-30 are helping to prevent the appearance of NEW pigment by helping to quiet the melanocytes in your skin cells. Per SkinMedica, it is best to apply all over the face, neck and chest as opposed to spot treating areas of pigment. You should apply Lytera 2.0 twice daily and you can even layer it as the 2nd product in your skincare lineup. Cleanse, apply your TNS Essential, then Lytera, then the rest of your routine follows suit. Lytera can cause slight sun sensitivity, so a daily SPF is recommended. We personally LOVE Skin Medica’s Essential Defense- Tinted sunscreen.

Honorable mention goes to the ZO by Obagi- Exfoliating Polish as another pregnancy-safe product fave, but you’ll have to book a facial to experience the magic of this one for yourself!

We also offer a few fabulous pregnancy-safe facial treatments that have become a “mama fave” here at Renew. The first being our “Diamond Glow” or as some of you know it, “Dermalinfusion” treatment. This treatment involves a deep but gentle exfoliation using a diamond tip and suction, while also infusing a customized serum for your pregnancy skincare needs. This is one of our favorite facials, regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not! I recommend it to everyone because in my opinion, it’s truly one of the best facials money can buy. It’s the deepest clean your skin will ever get, and you leave with an immediate glow! Maybe you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy and are more concerned with a little relaxation and just trying to be comfortable than you are worried about skincare…no worries as we have a facial that fits both of those things! Our Prenatal Facial is the ultimate relaxation experience before your baby arrives. An entire hour of quiet pampering to yourself? Yes please! It’s worth noting that I also have a completely adjustable bed in my treatment room as well as supportive pillows to make sure your body is in its most comfortable position.

As always, I am available for any skincare or treatment questions you might have and would love to help you navigate the skin changes that come along with welcoming a new baby into this wild world.