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Everyone has unwanted hair somewhere on their face or body and removing it has always been a problem. Laser hair removal treatments available at Renew allows both men and women to make unwanted facial or body hair a thing of the past. Forget about painful waxing, sugaring, messy creams, electrolysis and razors. Get your laser hair removal OKC at Renew Wellness and Aesthetics. We offer the most advanced and safest laser hair removal in Oklahoma City. The Viora Laser System is effective laser hair removal for dark skin and all skin types. Viora laser removal is non-invasive and is the best laser hair removal treatment available.

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Advanced, Innovative Solutions

Viora Products 

We use Viora’s state-of-the-art products for all our laser hair removal procedures. Viora’s advanced, non-invasive products include the most advanced devices incorporating Laser, IPL, and proprietary RF technologies. 

The wide range of available technologies allows for the treatment of the most requested aesthetic procedures. This includes vascular lesions, nail fungi, hair reduction, pigmentation lesions, acne clearance, and acne scar clearance. Voira delivers the most effective results, quickly, safely, and with little to no downtime.

Viora V-30 Laser

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Hair Removal OKC - FAQ 

With Viora’s hair removal technology, the treatments for both men and women have never been more comfortable, affordable and effective. Forget the inconvenience and pain of razor burns, waxing, electrolysis and plucking. Get your hair removal questions answered here:

Hair follicles develop from a complex series of interactions between different elements of the skin. Interestingly, not all hairs are actively growing at the same time – they actually go through distinct phases: growth, regression, and resting. The duration of each phase is dependent on several factors, including body location. For example, at any one time, 90% of the hairs on our head are in their growth or Anagen phase, compared to only 70% of the hair on our arms. During the regression or Catagen phase, the surrounding skin begins to absorb the hair bulb. Finally, the hair enters the Telogen or resting phase, at the end of which the hair falls out and the follicle begins to cycle again.

Following a single treatment, most hairs do not regrow for one to three months (or more), depending upon the type of hair and its location. Because the laser only treats hair follicles that are actively growing, several treatments are necessary. Following multiple, appropriately timed treatments, a long-term growth delay is typically seen. Many patients obtain permanent hair removal, but some people require periodic touch-up treatments to keep unwanted hair away. Following several treatments, any remaining hair is much finer, lighter, and more cosmetically acceptable than prior to treatment.

What You Need to Know

Viora Hair removal Tips 

Tip #1

Smooth and clean shaving before the treatment session will increase the effectiveness and comfort of the treatment

Tip #2

Avoid any direct sun exposure 2 weeks before and after each treatment to prevent pigmented changes of the skin

Tip #3

Don’t use any other methods except shaving (waxing, pulling, etc.) in between treatments to increase effectiveness

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