Top Favorite Sunscreens for Your Summer Sun Care Routine

Sarah Lowell-Oshman

Licensed aesthetician and one of only three oncology-trained and-certified aestheticians in the state of Oklahoma

Are you there, followers? It’s me, Sarah, your Renew Aesthetician…

Does anyone else feel like it has been months since we last chatted? I hope you all have stayed well, and if you have not been back to visit us at Renew yet, we are ready and waiting! While we are all focusing on protecting our health right now, it occurred to me that maybe we’re letting some other areas of our self-care fall to the wayside. I wanted to write a QUICK blog talking a little bit about our favorite sunscreens, sun protection and summer skin care recovery — so here it goes!

The summer months are finally here and it’s time to celebrate! Trips to exotic places may be few and far between, but quick getaways to the lake or your favorite poolside are totally within reach. I personally love to be on a boat at the lake with my friends, which is where I spend most of my summer weekends. However, it seems like no matter how hard I try to avoid it, some area of my body comes home with a bit of a sunburn or some other less than glamorous “side effect” of a long weekend in the sun. We have a ton of great SPF options at Renew, so today I want to talk about MY personal faves.

First up are my two favorite sunscreens we carry here (see the complete offering list at the end).

I cannot go a day without the Total Defense and Repair Tinted SPF 34 from Skin Medica as part of my skin care routine. I am so picky about what a tinted moisturizer or SPF looks like on me, and this one fits the bill. It’s very light and not greasy and gives just enough coverage so that I can rock a natural summer glow look, or even layer a little powder over the top and transition it to a socially-distanced night on the town look. It also comes in non-tinted, which I love as well. A great perk of this SPF is that it also has blue light and infrared protection. For anyone wondering, blue light is the light emitted from our “screens” aka: cell phones, laptops, iPads, etc. Recent studies have found that blue light damage is just as aging and causes just as much damage as UVA/UVB rays. With all this increased screen time, it is best to protect your skin with this broad spectrum sunscreen that is appropriate for all skin types! Did I also mention that one of the key benefits of this moisturizer is that it reduces fine lines and wrinkles AND improves the appearance of damaged skin?? What more could you ask for?

EltaMD UV Spray & UV Sport

As a fair-skinned blondie, body sunscreens are super important for me! I love the Elta MD UV Spray and UV Sport! I use the spray on my body and the UV Sport on my face, ears, and along the part in my hair so my scalp does not get burned if I’m not wearing a hat. Honestly, anything from the Elta MD line is FAB but these are the two I find myself reaching for the most. I’ve also managed to hook my boyfriend on using the UV Sport! He tosses it in his golf bag and applies it once or twice during his golf game. He loves that he can apply this water-resistant sunscreen to his head (#baldisbeautiful) and his face without having to worry that the heat and humidity might get the best of him. This same thing makes it a kid-approved SPF too, no more stingy eyes at the pool!

Two of my other “can’t live without” summer skin care products are more of an after-sun product and help my skin to bounce back after some time in the sun or in the water. First up is Le Mieux’s Iso Cell Recovery Spray. I found this product several years ago when I first became an aesthetician, and it’s been my most coveted product ever since. As luck would have it, when I completed my Oncology Aesthetics training in Chicago, this product was one of the few that had been approved as oncology-safe and was recommended to treat skin that had been damaged by radiation or chemo. I love to use this spray pre- and post-sun exposure to help my skin balance and retain moisture. It feels like heaven on sunburned skin and has been proven to help it heal quicker than if you were to leave it untreated. I also love to use this spray on any scrapes, cuts, bug bites or any other unpleasant skin issue that comes by way. I also love the Moisture Infusion Sheet Mask by Le Mieux, and my sister-in-law is a fan as well. It gives your skin an instant refreshed feeling and hits the reset on your moisture levels.

I told you I would keep this short and sweet, so I’ll wrap it up with this…PROTECT YOUR SKIN! Great skin starts with great skincare, and great skincare should always include sunscreen. As promised, the complete list of our staff sun care picks is below but I do hope you enjoyed reading about a few of my personal favorites.

Until next time,

Sunburned Skin:
• ISO Cell Recovery Solution and ISO Cell Silver Gel from Le Mieux

Sun damaged/Melasma:
• Lytera 2.0 from SkinMedica
• Discoloration Defense and Metacell Renewal B from SkinCeuticals

Post Sun/Lake/Pool Dryness:
• Dermal Repair Cream from SkinMedica (would be great for swimmers who experience chlorine dryness)
• Biocellulose Masque from SkinCeuticals
• Moisture Infusion Sheet Mask by Le Mieux

Essential Defense Mineral SPF from SkinMedica

Outdoor Activities/Sports (great for men):
• EltaMD UV Sport

Non-Tinted Face:
• EltaMD UV Clear

• EltaMD UV Spray

Poolside/Gardening/Casual Activities:
• EltaMD UV Lotion

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