Here’s How Permanent Makeup Is Done

Sarah Lowell-Oshman

Licensed aesthetician and one of only three oncology-trained and-certified aestheticians in the state of Oklahoma

Dive into the incredible permanent makeup services our aesthetician offers at Renew!

Ring, ring! The 90s called, and they want their permanent makeup back! Times have changed, ladies, and so have permanent cosmetic techniques and looks. Our incredible aesthetician, Sarah Lowell-Oshman, is officially accepting new bookings for these services in 2020 after completing an extensive training program! Check out what she has to say about it below:

I’m so excited to share that I have recently completed an extensive training program for Medical Micropigmentology, or permanent makeup, here in Oklahoma City! My instructor at the Marion Kay Institute of Permanent Makeup, Rima Kay, is a well-known permanent makeup artist and boasts over 10 years of experience and advanced training in the industry.

The class offered a rigorous program from October to January 2020 and included over 18 clinical appointments, which gave me the vital opportunity to train on live models while under her instruction. I was one of only four students accepted into the program initially and one of the two that successfully passed and graduated! The training included an in-depth look at several techniques used in the permanent makeup industry such as: ombre brow, solid brow, powder brow, eyeliner and lash enhancement, and various lip color techniques, such as the ombre lip and the newly popular “lip blush.”

That Wow

I take immense pride in perfecting the artistry and technique of cosmetic tattooing; I want your brow shape, lips, or liner to be as flawless as you are! My ultimate goal is to always cater to each individual look or style that a client desires. Since perfect brows are some of my most sought-after services, I’ve included a few short descriptions below of the different techniques and who they might be best suited for:

  • Ombre Brow – Ombre brows use a low-pressure stroke pattern technique to give the brow the illusion of a very soft, “faded” front (aka head of the brow). The tails—or ends—of the brow can be saturated in color as heavy or light as the client and provider desire. An ombre front can be used with any of the brow tattooing techniques we offer at Renew and is a great fit for anyone who wants a classic, naturally filled-in look.
  • Solid Brow – This look is for anyone wanting a very dramatic brow! It’s personally one of my favorite techniques due to its beautiful, crisp, clean edges and deep color saturation. This brow is ideal for those with sparse areas of brow hair or who are wanting to skip the hassle of filling in their eyebrows every morning! While a traditional solid brow is usually nice and dark, the pigment can definitely be adjusted per the client’s skin tone, hair color and, of course, personal preference.

  • Powder Brow – While a powder brow can be achieved several different ways, it is generally always going to involve diluting the brow ink with a special additive to make it appear less saturated on the skin. Powder brows are great for someone who prefers a more natural look and doesn’t generally wear a ton of makeup, or for those who are just wanting to get a feel for how permanent makeup will look on them!

+ Liner

Now onto the lips! Lip coloring styles can range anywhere from super packed and pigmented to soft and airy – just like a lip blush! I’ve noticed that the majority of my clients are wanting a softer color similar to lip blush, often with a “faded” or ombre center. This allows the client to have flexibility with layering other colors over the tattooed area and provides them with a look that will blend flawlessly, whether you have a full face of makeup on or not.

Lip color is chosen very carefully during your consultation. I like to have my clients bring in their top three lip colors they wear, and we find a great match from that. (So far, I’ve had a lot of gorgeous berry pinks and a few really fun peachy-nude colors!) We can also tailor the lip shape during these procedures, so if a client has a scar or slightly uneven shape, I am typically able to correct that.

As for eyeliner procedures, I currently offer a basic eyeliner style with or without a wing and, my personal favorite, a natural eyelash enhancement. Eyelash enhancement-style liner is done by softly building up ink right in the lash line or often a little above that line. This gives lashes a gorgeous, thick look and can easily be added onto with your own makeup or with more permanent makeup.

I recommend this style of tattoo for people who aren’t sure how thick they want their liner or for people who still want to have a “natural look” when they’re makeup free. (Hello, summer lake days!)

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