Hello, hello! Coming at you from my couch during this lovely quarantine (fingers crossed that by the time you’re reading this, we’re all back to “normal”). I figured with this time on my hands, why not write a few blogs over some of my favorite skin care products!? I’ll be the first to say it took me a while to get my digs in with the ZO by Obagi line. It was very new to me, but as soon as I started using it and seeing the changes in my clients’ skin, I was hooked! While I have several products from ZO that I absolutely love, I think my two favorites are the 10% Vitamin C and the Growth Factor Serum.

10% Vitamin C Self-Activating

Vitamin C products in the skincare industry are a time-tested favorite for many reasons. The top few reasons are its ability to lighten areas of pigmentation and its added benefit of some extra sun protection. ZO by Obagi’s Vitamin C is no stranger to those things! It helps to even out skin tone and provide overall clarity to your complexion. I personally struggle with a dull, uneven skin tone. I don’t necessarily have a ton of (visible) sun damage, but I feel like my skin constantly looks dull. I started using the 10% Vitamin C a few weeks ago and began to see a huge difference in the overall glow of my skin! After incorporating a Microneedling Treatment with PRP, my skin is finally on its way to being smooth and clear. It’s also worth noting that the texture of this product is amazing. To me it feels like a smooth, soft makeup primer, which makes it easy for me to layer on in the mornings. It also gets bonus points for its smell (hello fresh citrus)! I like this particular Vitamin C product over others because 1.) I feel like I can see a huge difference in my skin clarity sooner and 2.) The texture and scent seal the deal. In the past, I’ve used Vitamin C serums that have been really runny and honestly kind of stinky, and this is neither. It’s also worth noting that this product causes me ZERO breakouts!

Growth Factor Serum

Another favorite product of mine, and one that’s becoming sort of a “cult beauty favorite” among my clients, is the Growth Factor Serum from ZO by Obagi. This Growth Factor Serum is what I’m now calling filler in a jar. Its main purpose is to help “plump” back up fine lines and wrinkles. I love it because I’m not totally sure I want filler in my smile lines yet, but they do bother me, and this product is the perfect midway solution. I’m already noticing a difference in my “marionette lines” and under eye areas. To quote one of my clients “I’ll never not own this stuff…I want to bathe in it.” I can’t say I disagree with her! While not a replacement for filler, this product is a great building block to it. I also like to use it around existing filler I already have (my lips) to help protect my investment and keep any fine lines from making a surprise appearance. If your filler appointment is currently on hold thanks to COVID-19, I cannot recommend trying the anti aging ZO Growth Factor enough! As with the 10% Vitamin C from ZO, the smell and texture of this product alone is enough to get you hooked. In fact when I use it on facial clients, the first thing they comment on is how good it smells!

Wrinkle + Texture Repair and Daily Power Defense

Honorable mention from the ZO by Obagi line goes to: Wrinkle + Texture Repair and Daily Power Defense. I have also recently incorporated those into my skincare routine, and I am loving them. The Wrinkle and Texture is great for stubborn acne and rough texture, and the Daily Power Defense gives my fair skin an extra boost of sun protection as well as protection from the daily stressors of our environment.

All in all, this product line is amazing, and I’m so excited we decided to bring it on as one of our Physician-Grade skincare lines at Renew! If you’re looking for a way to change up your current skincare routine, I recommend adding in one of these products!

Wrinkle + Texture Repair and Daily Power Defense​