Renew Wellness and Aesthetics offers a comprehensive menu of all-inclusive waxing services. From brow sculpting and French bikini waxing to more tailored offerings such as back and shoulder as well neck and underarm waxing, our licensed professional Aestheticians will have you looking and feeling your most confident.

As Oklahoma City’s premier medical spa, we use the latest technology and most effective waxing techniques to get you the best results. Schedule your appointment today.

Chin Wax

Hair is removed along entire jawline area. Does not include neck area.

Nose Wax

Hair is removed from the nose.

Brow Sculpt

A customized brow shaping experience that is specifically tailored to your facial shape and brow goals. Adding on a brow tint or henna treatment finishes this look for a polished, clean brow look.

Lip Wax

Hair is removed along upper lip.

Sideburn Wax

Hair is removed from sideburn area.

Underarm Wax

All hair from underarm area is removed, perfect for summertime or those who hate to shave.
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