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Renew Wellness & Aesthetics is a facial spa okc that offers a wide variety of facials for both women and men. Get top-notch results with the facial treatment that fits you and your skin type best. All of our facials OKC treatments available at Renew are described below. Our most popular facials include our classic facial and the DiamondGlow facial.  With DiamondGlow, enjoy a facial that treats hyperpigmentation dark spots and dehydrated or congested skin. From classic facials to chemical peels, Renew’s facial treatments help you achieve a natural glow and beautiful skin. For men, our gentleman’s facial which can include a beard treatment for calming ingrown hairs is very popular.

Facials OKC by Licensed Aesthetician Kate Harrison

Kate Harrison is a licensed OKC aesthetician. If you are looking for that young, youthful and natural look, a cosmetic facial may be the right thing for you. Have questions about which facial is right for you? Call and schedule a free skincare consultation with our licensed aesthetician.

facials okc

Facials OKC - Available Treatments at Renew 

Gentleman's Facial

Whether your skin is dehydrated, dull, congested or sensitive, our aesthetician will analyze your particular skincare needs and perform a customized Renew facial to achieve the best results. We can also add on a high frequency beard treatment that helps to calm ingrown hairs and stimulate hair growth.

Renew Classic Facial

This facial is for our client who is on the go and just needs a quick skin refresher! Our classic facial includes a skin analysis, followed by an exfoliating treatment, extractions if needed and a completely customized facial masque.  If you want to really relax, a head and neck massage can be added for an additional price.


This non-invasive treatment gently exfoliates your skin, using our diamond tip wand.  During your treatment, our exclusive Viora Microdermabrasion machine will help to remove layers of dead skin and buildup, leaving you with a softer more radiant complexion.  This procedure requires zero downtime and can even be done on your lunch break!

Microdermabrasion + Facial

Indulge in a customized facial with products specifically chosen for your skin's needs, followed by a treatment using our Viora microdermabrasion machine. Microdermabrasion can exfoliate the skin, reduce the signs of aging, and make the skin appear more even. This treatment removes layers of dead skin buildup and dirt within the pores, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and renewed!

LED PDT / Red Light Therapy

Our LED PDT Light Therapy offers 7 different colors to target various skin concerns. Red LED is used for rejuvenation and improving wrinkles and acne marks. Yellow LED is for improving erythema and redness. Green LED is for deeper repair that goes beyond the surface. Blue-ray is used to balance secretion and control grease. Purple LED is used to combat acne and lighten dark spots. We can tailor your therapy sessions to take care of any of your skin concerns!
*includes arm and hand massage

Acne Clarifying Facial

A customized treatment plan consisting of 3 facials (minimum) to properly target, treat and heal your acne. Consultations are recommended but not required.

Prenatal Facial

Take some time for yourself to relax before baby arrives! This indulgent facial is perfect to help deeply cleanse the skin and calm the mind. Our Aesthetician tailors the products used in this treatment to make it safe for mama and baby. Extractions are done at the client’s discretion to maximize comfort and relaxation. A luxurious neck and shoulder massage is performed while the client wears warming hand gloves to help increase relaxation and promote blood flow. Cool globes are used during the masking portion of the facial to help diminish swelling and puffiness in the face. Our bed also features several different settings to comfortably accommodate a growing belly.

Lunch Time Facial

Our lunch time facial is amazing for those of you that are on the go, but need a quick pick-me-up to refresh your complexion. We will cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone, moisturize and send you on your way with a fresh face to tackle the rest of your day!

Gua Sha Facial

Gua Sha is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. This relaxing facial uses a facial sculpting tool made of Rose Quartz to glide along the facial contours of the face to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle tension, and increase circulation.

Renew cryogenic Facial

For the skin that is feeling irritated or stressed, our Renew Cryo Facial is perfect for you! Cryogenic treatments are gaining popularity in the beauty industry and facials are no exception. During this 50-minute treatment, absolutely no heat is used, making it ideal for our clients with rosacea or other inflammatory skin issues. In addition to the use of soothing products, our Aesthetician will apply a cooling gel mask which she will then massage into the skin using frozen globes. This facial is also a great choice for those who suffer from inflamed, painful acne!

Hydrojelly Mask

The hottest new trend in facials is the Hydrojelly mask. The perfect addition to any facial. The Hydrojelly mask technology works to create a seal that will help drive electrolytes and nutrients deeper into your skin.  At Renew, we offer two different hydrojelly masks: An Antioxidant Gogi mask with Vitamin C and pomegranate, as well as a CBD mask. The Antioxidant Gogi mask is full of antioxidants to fight free radicals, brighten, firm, and hydrate your skin. Pomegranate contains three times as many antioxidants as wine and green tea. The CBD Hydrojelly mask is highly coveted as it contains the medicinal properties extracted from the leaves, flowers and stalks of the cannabis plant. CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation not only in the body, but also the skin when applied topically. It is also known to reduce stress and calm skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, and overall sensitized skin.

Diamondglow Facial

DiamondGlow Facial is an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and an infusion of condition specific serum to improve skin health function and overall appearance. This non-invasive treatment is incredibly relaxing and is able to address a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions from head to toe.  This procedure is suitable for all skin types and can help combat hyperpigmentation, dry and dehydrated skin, oily or congested skin, and overall rough skin texture.  You won’t regret booking this treatment!
SIGNATURE DIAMOND GLOW - Cleanse, Diamond Glow treatment, choice of mask with use of frozen globes.
ACNE CLARIFYING DIAMOND GLOW - Cleanse, Diamond Glow treatment using pore clarifying tip and pore clarifying serum, additional extractions if needed, Complexion Clearing Mask.
ANTI-AGING DIAMOND GLOW - Cleanse, Diamond Glow treatment using the TNS Advanced+ serum, choice of mask with use of frozen globes, warming gloves with collagen hand mask, 15 minutes of LED/PDT Light Therapy.
PLATINUM DIAMOND GLOW - Cleanse, Diamond Glow treatment with serum of choice including the TNS Advanced+ serum, warming gloves with collagen hand mask, and choice of Red Carpet Peel or dermaplaning.

Add-On services 

  • Dermaplaning
  • Head & Neck Massage (15 min.)
  • Lymphatic Facial Massage (15 min.)
  • LED / Red Light Therapy (15 min.)
  • LED / Red Light Therapy (30 min.)

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