Areola Tattoo Services Available at Renew

Sarah Lowell-Oshman

Licensed aesthetician and one of only three oncology-trained and-certified aestheticians in the state of Oklahoma

3D Areola Tattoo Services for Breast Cancer Survivors

Hello all! It’s Sarah here, Certified Aesthetician and licensed, medical Micropigmentologist at Renew. I’m so excited to let you know that we are now offering 3D areola tattoo services for breast cancer survivors! The month of October welcomes beautiful fall weather, but did you know it’s also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? The statistics show that 1 in 8 women will battle some type of invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. This blog topic is all too real for so many people.

Paramedical Tattooing & Scar Camouflage

As many of you know, I am an Oncology-trained aesthetician, and in conjunction with that, I also obtained my license in Medical Micropigmentology (permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing) here in the state of Oklahoma. While the overall goal in my career has always been to help women feel beautiful, I have also always known that there’s a much deeper meaning to truly making someone feel beautiful and whole again. That line of thinking is part of what led me to the Oncology Aesthetics Training. It pushed me to pursue micropigmentology. In the state of Oklahoma, you must hold an active medical micropigmentology license in order to do any kind of permanent makeup or any type of paramedical tattooing, such as 3D areola reconstruction tattoo or scar camouflage tattoo.

With that being said, I have recently completed the training and am now offering 3D areola restoration tattooing at Renew! There really are no words for how excited I am to be able to provide this service to women and men in Oklahoma. Areola restorative tattooing or nipple tattooing typically takes place after a person has had any type of breast reconstruction surgery, where the nipple and areola could not be spared. Surgeries like this might include radical mastectomy, breast reduction, implant removal or a breast lift.

Areola Reconstruction Tattoo after Breast Cancer

Providing patients who have been through a dramatic reconstruction a safe and empathetic environment to receive such a life-changing procedure is a top priority of mine as well as the rest of the team at Renew. After a traumatic journey like breast cancer or breast reconstruction, deciding to have a natural look fully restored to the breast area should be the easiest thing a client has to do. We strive to make that happen for each patient. While breast cancer is definitely the leading cause for needing a nipple and areola reconstruction, I also realize that there are so many other causes. I have made it my mission to serve any client that needs this procedure, regardless of cause.

Schedule Your Free Consultation for Areola Tattoo Services

Each appointment starts with a very in-depth consultation to help determine the patient’s overall goals for their 3D nipple tattoo. Size, shape, spacing and color are all taken into account for the final naturally looking results. If clients feel they need a “waiting period” or extra time to make these decisions, I am always more than happy to accommodate that. I will lend my professional opinion and guidance when necessary to ensure the best restoration a client can possibly get. I typically recommend for patients to bring along an audio book, podcast, or music they enjoy listening to during the procedure as this is a bit of a lengthy procedure. Of course, I am always up for a good chat session too!

To sum it up, I am so thrilled to have added this procedure to my growing service list at Renew and feel extremely passionate about being able to offer this service to clients. If you are a breast cancer survivor or someone you know is looking for an areola tattoo artist, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. We can chat about what options there might be to best serve you. I currently offer free nipple and areola tattoo consultations and am more than happy to talk you through any questions you might have!

With love,

*All prospective patients must be at least 6 months post any surgical procedure and provide written clearance from their surgeon, oncologist or otherwise involved team of physicians*



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